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Teaching Approach:

I t is how we see teachin or what it means for us. This is very important because it influence the way we teach. An approach is a particular way of thinking. We can also defined apprach as our learning style or as the assumptions we have about teaching.

Teaching Method:

It is a plan for learning a second language. A teaching method is based on the approach we have selected. It can include objectives, activities, materiales, syllabus and teachers and students` roles. Even thougt there are many methos that we can use, it is important that teachers adapt one with their own personal style in order to make the learning more interesting and esy for students.

Teaching Strategies:

Strategies are ways of develop something and describe how it is going to get done. There are overall plans intented to achieve a purpose. Teaching Strategies are the different ideas that teachers need to have to develop a class. These are closely related with the teaching techniques as well.

Teaching Techniques:

These are useful activities we will use to develop the method. Techniques help teachers to accomplish an aobjetive,in the case of teacher to accomplish the learnin process in their students.

Even though this methods have many differences, they have a strong relationship because each of them has an important part in the teaching process.

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